Double D Ranch - Custom Fed Beef
Welcome to the Ranch!
Here's a little bit about who we are and what we can do for you....
    Double D is a working cattle ranch located at the foot of the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. It's always been our goal here at Double D to raise and produce only the finest of beef that we wouldn't be ashamed to put on our own table. We've had the wonderful opportunity to raise high quality beef to put in our freezers for generations. Now we are proud to offer the same great opportunity to you!
Wouldn't it be nice if you could walk in the grocery store and there would be a meat counter with your name on it?
How about walking no further than your own freezer? 
This is where we come in. We provide you the opportunity to have fresh from the ranch, wholesome beef right in your own freezer. 
Here at Double D, all of our meat is hormone free and all natural. So now that you can rest easy knowing there's no chemicals or added hormones in your meat, the question is, how do you want it to taste?
The finishing process is an imporant step that influences the flavor of the meat. There are different ways to finish a beef. We specialize in two different general finishing processes, but we feed them how you want them! So it's up to you!
Grass Finished...
 This is where the diet of the beef is strictly grass. The flavor is often said to be "like the great beef your grandpa used to eat." The meat is leaner and has a stronger flavor. Due to Mother Nature's changing seasons, this option is not available year round. In order to harvest the meat at it's peak, orders will be taken for a limited time in the fall.
Grain Finished...
 This is the most widely used method. We do it a little different than the big feedlots though. Instead of feeding a ration of corn, corn by-products, and even animal by-products, we feed grass or high quality hay and a portion of grain daily. This portion of grain does not make up the entire diet, but rather is a supplement to aid in the marbling of the meat which adds moisture and flavor.
Once your beef is ready...
We will help you put together a package that includes your meat cuts and how lean you'd like your ground burger. We can also help with thickness and size of cuts to fit the needs of your family. 
We will reccomend a specific butcher date so as to harvest the meat when it's at it's peak for tenderness, leanness, and is lower in cholesterol.
Your beef is then taken to a LOCAL certified butcher (the same one we use for our own personal meat), where it is custom cut to your specifications, state inspected, freezer wrapped, and then frozen so it's ready for your freezer. 
Now it's ready to enjoy with NO...
Homones, Chemicals, MSG, Preservatives, Fillers, Flavoring Solutions, Coloring, Addatives, or anything else it wasn't born with! 
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